Need C++ Coder to turn board game into app!

Hello my name is Dante. Im here to present a job offering for those who are talented at app creation.
I am looking for developers that can turn a card based strategy game into a user friendly and fun app.
Payment details will be discussed upon PM.

Please bring some examples of prior work.
Possible contract if all goes well.

Possible business if you bother to detail your project and game, you know, show anything at all besides chit chat.

Hey @Awesome_Dante, what is your time frame for this project? More info would definitely be helpful when choosing which examples of work to send over, i.e. is the art style real or toon? Thanks!

I am scouting C++ developers on behalf of the creators of a board game.
The board game is reminisce of sorry. In the fact that it plays the same, but it uses a regular card deck with 8 kings and 8 aces. the cards do various things from the sorry game. Except this game has the possibility of 6 starting places instead of 4 and is placed in a hexagon shape. each of the six places represent different countries.
Better details will be given to the coder my client chooses based off of portfolios and examples. I was told they needed a coder, not art or anything, but I would be happy to forward info along in case they do need you.

As for payment. That has not been discussed to me. But you can discuss it to the client prior to beginning work.

Is this actually an Unreal Engine 4 project? You describe it as an ‘app’, which implies it is intended to be a mobile game?