Need C++, AI, Steamworks developers, level designer, 2D/3D infographist and animator, sound designer

Hi everyone, I’ve been working on a game for a few months now with a little team on our first commercial game. We’re a little team and our level designer had some family issues. As I’m working on character modeling, texturing and animation, game design and also on writing the storyline, the characters and the dialogue, I can’t work on the code and we have only one man left to work on the code.

As we’re a young team we don’t have the money to hire professional for a paid work so we plan on doing a contract on royalties that we can discuss by e-mail or skype.

It’s an episodic game that takes place in an heroic-fantasy medieval world as the hero is chasing a hord of goblins that destroyed his village and killed his people when he still was a young boy. Since then he plan to take revenge on them and after years of training is finally tracking them down to annihilate them and their leader.

It’ll be semi open-world and will have combat system that is based on action and reflexes (quite like dark souls). It won’t be a true rpg as we won’t change the main character gear and he won’t level up. It’ll be more like the character will evolve with the way you play him, if you’re more on dodging and then attacking he’ll get better at dodging and attacking, if you play with guard and counter attacks, the character will be better in those but won’t evolve much on other capacities. It will be up to the player and his playstyle.

What we need:

  • One or Two C++ developers (better if they also good at AI, UMG and steamworks as the game will be released on steam)
  • A level designer to replace ours
  • A 3 modeler and animator that is good in animals, trees and/or foliage (better if he can also be level designer and if he is good in 2D too)
  • A FX professional
  • A 2D infographist for the menus and HUD
  • A sound designer for in game SFX and maybe some musics too if our music composer can’t handle the work

So. There you go, I’m open to every propositions and hope you’ll join us in this adventure. I don’t know if I am a good leader but at least I try my best to enhance my capacities and I think this game have some potential if the work is done well.

If you’re interested and need more infos contact me at:

Skype: miandra.dubach

Thank you for your attention. Hope to find what we’re searching for fast enough. Take care guys and good luck for all your projects.

                                                                      Valentin Miandra Dubach