Need buff help


I want to make a buff to carry more but i dont get it ready…
Everytime i change the values i only change the red side bit i want to change the yellow side

My problem is if you basik invoentory is (0/100) and you cange the red value the new is
(-50/100) but i want to change the yellow so it is (0/150)

anyone have an idea ?

You will have to do it in the blueprint’s graph.

You will need to get the status component of the player

And if you are wanting to add to a value instead of just set the value, you will need to get it via this method

and just storing or using the return value.

To then set the number in yellow you are talking about you will need to use this func,

Keep in mind that modifiying max stats is not something that ‘goes away’ after the buff goes away. If you want to return them back to normal when the buff ends, you will need to set the max stat back to original value.

Thanks that should help me

Awesome Ill have to try this for the backpack.

Interestingly enough like OP I was trying to make things that would be consumed and give a perm stat boost, things I’ve noticed is that it’s not forever, when I did it dying and respawning or closing the server and reloading cleared out the added stats. So I have had no luck with that route. I also tried to make the Buff change values dynamically (much like OP a buff that doesn’t expire) however the changes only take effect once it active an that’s it (for the section Character Status Value Modifers) hence why looking at other buffs (soups) theirs are all add over time. Only thing that works for a never ending buff is the “Values to add per second” but you can’t dynamically alter that, the get method returns a float (when it’s known as an array) giving the warning of “this is a native object and cannot be modified” but note the “Values to add per second” only effects the current value not the max.

Note inside the PIE you can’t change the weight stat it’s fixed at 1000, do some testing with other stats (health, stamina, food, water, etc) until you feel your code works as intended.

Also don’t tamper with the Torpor stat, I’ve had several crashes changing that

This is why i suggest doing an empty buff, and code out the logic in the BP with what I have mentioned. This makes a stat change on the status component itself, not the pawn, meaning, it is as if it was stated to that level. The stats are static arrays that cannot be manipulated normally like other vars. You have to use the helpers if you intend to properly change a max stat and have it be perm.

Perhaps you were doing something wrong when you tried to? I rebuilt the forcetame and dotame commands so multiple creatures can be tamed at once and initial methods of doing this - which work perfectly - is modifying the current torpidity to knock them all out and supercharge the tame process after the fact.


Exilog, if you still need help with this or for anyone else that may see this, here is the solution:


This adds 50 extra carry capacity when equipped then removes the 50 weight when unequipped

The “buff” nodes are ONLY there to make an icon appear on the bottom left hand part of the screen. It is not required to add weight

“EquippedBuff” is a variable type - “PrimalBuff” and the SelfObj is a variable type - “Primal Item”


Can you do a walkthrough of how you got the nodes on screen?

Can’t find Target / Static Add Buff / Deactivate Buffs / Get Owner / and everything to the right of those.

hi vex3d
make shure you work on the primalitem and not on the buff itself. you should find those nodes there.

a further problem indeed is at begin play.
the stats of the buff are added again (weight in my case). and the buff icon is not visible until you reequip the buff.
the stats are only reset on player death. is there something i can do on the buff at begin play, or even a checkbox i missed…?

Thats an old pic. There is a better way
Remove the code that does the status changes from the primal item. All you want on the item is the add/remove buff code. Then on the buff, set “Max Stat Scalers” to whatever you so desire.
If your buff is not re-activating on restart, make sure “Prevent Saving” is NOT checked.
Some buff settings and defaults have changed ever since they added the disease persistence.

ok, i see. thank you. unfortunately i don’t find a way to add a certain value.
this way you’re only able to either set a absolute value or set a percentage of the value.
what i’m looking for is: get player max stat, add 50.

So you’re wanting to set a new maximum based on what the max currently is plus whatever amount?

If so, I don’t think you can do that through the defaults of buffs. Better of sorting that out in the graph.


i thought so. which event do you suggest to trigger it? i fear if i use begin play it adds the stats again at game restart.

Considering that player and dino stats are recalculated and reset upon world load(they do not and cannot persist when changed manually)… I don’t think that’s going to be an issue?