Need Blueprint Scripter for 2D Platformer.

Project Title:
Smile, You’re Dying (working title)

This 2D platformer is a hobby project that pairs level design and story in a unique way, employing the tile-mapping system to layer environments within text. The player collects a key within the confines of each letter (see attached pictures) to unlock a door or passageway that links to the next letter. Each level/phrase is a question that the player will provide an answer to. In the short term, these answers determine what boss the player will fight at the end of each level in order to progress. In the long term, however, each answer affects how the game will continue to present and what the player’s ending will be. The attached photographs are from the first level, the question: Are You Happy?


  • Unique story structure
  • Multiple endings
  • Multiple boss fights
  • 2D platforming and occasional puzzling

Team Structure**:**
Just me right now - Alec. I’m doing all of the project management and asset creation (including all art assets, animations, music and sound), as well as having authored the game’s story.

Previous Work:

Talent Required:
Blueprint Scripter.

  • Be familiar with UE4’s blueprint system and confident in your ability to create and implement mechanics using it.
  • Be able to implement enemy AI.
  • I have no expectations of hours clocked, but please be able to chat at least once a week to catch up about any progress and plan for the week ahead.