Need Blueprint-based strategy game camera

So I have been all over the strategy game template trying to figure out how they handle the camera, and come to the conclusion that it is handled in C++ and I can’t get to it.

Also searched all over the the forums, hub, and documentation but don’t see anything really tailored to a strategy camera.

I think I have the basic concept, but I am getting stuck with the playercontroller and attached camera, which don’t seem to have any way to reference them natively in blueprint. I feel like the best course of action would be to scrap the attached camera completely and keep the player controller.

So, after I create a new camera, how do I attach it to the player controller, and then set it as my camera of choice?

Then, how do I limit playercontroller movement to the X and Y axis, getting rid of the mouselook, and bring my mouse pointer back while in the game?

Thank you!

What I did was to create a character which consisted of a camera & colision sphere & use this as my default pawn class in my game type. Probably not the best way to do it, but it was what I was after & makes the camera component easy available.

To get the mouse cursor, go to your controller class > mouse interface > default mouse cursor > default.

So you drop a camera into the world and then upgrade it to a class?

How do you set it as your default pawn class? That makes that object the player right?


in the gamemode blueprint.

youcan set:

-default pawn class
-HUD class
-PlayerController class
-Spectator class
-Game State Class

Reading numerous comments and thoroughly following the below tutorial helped a lot, thanks!

- YouTube