Need Assistance

Hey there I’m having major issues with my code and was looking for someone who could possibly have a look at my blueprinting and tell me where I’m going wrong. It’s still really basic stuff and I’ll post screenshots below.


I’m trying to get the tube to spawn an instance of the triangle moving in a single direction when I press f or the left mouse button, but it’s not even receiving the f or mouse pressed when I run it. The triangles velocity works fine by itself.

Did you base the pig on the playercontroller?

Nothing wrong with your Blueprint per se, it’s just not in the right place, so noone can hear you :slight_smile:
you need a game mode that uses your character controller…

Check this series out…It has a lot of stuff you don’t need, but I think around video 10 he get’s to what you need. You should watch it all though, great explanations.

That’s exactly what I’m following but I don’t have a player controller for some reason? I’m running 4.2.1 or did I miss something?

when you create a Blueprint you can base it on different stuff… base it on the player controller.

then your game mode needs to listen for that player controller.

It’s all in that tutorial :slight_smile: