Need Assistance With Packaging A Game

Hey everyone, hope all is well!

I’m having a lot of weird errors/warnings popping up when I try to package the game I’m working on.
I’ll include the log so that hopefully this can be resolved ASAP.
Log file

Hello Hypocrita,

From looking at the log, there seems to be a lot of errors related to blueprint compilation issues. Are all of your blueprints compiling without any errors? I would suggest press ctrl + F while looking at the log to search for the word “Error”. Most of the errors are self explanatory and should point toward where the issue is occurring. I’ll give a couple examples:

LogProperty:Error: UStructProperty::Serialize Loading: Property 'StructProperty /Game/Blueprints/AllLevels/PlayerSaveGame.PlayerSaveGame_C:S_PlayerInfo'. Unknown structure.
LogClass:Warning: Property S_PlayerInfo of S_PlayerInfo has a struct type mismatch (tag STRUCT_REINST_PlayerInfo_0 != prop FallbackStruct) in package:  ../../../../../../Users/anon_/Documents/Unreal Projects/Sandaia/Content/Blueprints/AllLevels/PlayerSaveGame.uasset. If that struct got renamed, add an entry to ActiveStructRedirects.

This one is due to a Struct property that you’re referencing not being found. As it mentions, the struct may of been renamed at some point and something could still be using an old reference.

LogBlueprint:Error: [Compiler S_Character_Master] Error This blueprint (self) is not a SceneComponent, therefore ' self ' must have a connection.

This means that there is a node in S_Character_Master that needs a reference to a SceneComponent to work correctly. Since S_Character_Master isn’t a SceneComponent, leaving the default input of “Self” won’t work.

There are too many errors to go over all of them, but if you have any questions about a particular one that doesn’t make sense, please let me know and I’ll try to help.

Hey Matthew, thanks for the response!

Everything compiles fine, I can run the game without problems, in the editor and in standalone. I honestly have no idea what’s going on. Is there a way to force rebuild the project so that any lingering references to old/missing files are cleaned up? I’ve done a fair bit of moving things around, renaming as well, to try to keep the project organized and tidy, could this be part of the problem? I made sure, each time, to fix up redirectors when something changed, but perhaps there’s still a few things that have been left over?

I’m at a loss, honestly, and have no idea what needs to be done. Do I just go in and start rebuilding things manually?

Ok, it looks like the vast majority of the issues I’m seeing in the log are from an unknown structure, one that I know I added a value to. Is this not supported? And if it is, is there a way to update blueprints that are using this structure?

EDIT: somehow I fixed everything and was able to package by moving the offending struct to another folder, fixing redirectors, then moving it back and fixing redirectors again.
I’ll be honest, I have no idea what’s going on anymore.