Need assistance with breaking structure chains

Hello forums!
Does anyone know anything about the way structures get chained together when you place them? Is there a variable in the BP that can change this?
In my castle mod I have a bridge. I checked off Don’t Actually Snap Just Placement and when I delete one in a line, everything placed after it breaks,
even if it wasn’t even touching. I’m also getting players reporting that other structures being demolished far away from their Bridges are causing
breakage of random pieces. Any help would definitely be appreciated!

Disable auto-welding in the snap points settings?

Wouldn’t know for certain, just something I’ve seen and it sounds like it fits.


I unchecked AutoWeld in the BP variables but that had no effect and I couldn’t find additional auto weld settings anywhere else.
Were you meaning the
Invalid for Structure Linking
setting? Thank you either way for getting me to the right place! I never thought to look in the snap points. Worked like a charm
so that any piece getting demolished leaves the rest of the chain of bridges where they were.
Hopefully that solves the problem for my mod’s users and thanks again :slight_smile:

EDITED: After a little testing it looks like it takes a combination of things to make this work. Along with the Invalid for Structure
Linking setting needing to be checked off in all of the structure’s snap points, you also need to uncheck Auto Weld in the main BP
and also check off Don’t Actually Snap Just Placement. If any of those three is changed it doesn’t work, but when it does work,
anything that was snapped onto/after a previous structure will not be destroyed if the previous structure goes.