Need AQUAMAN AKA a skilled artist for ocean water (shader experience and UE4 Particle experience)

I have a small little team assembled that is doing some cool stuff with water and they are in need of a talented artist who is good with UE4 particle systems and shaders for the ocean water.

Remote work is A-OK and all work is paid. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

If you would be serious, then why don’t you follow the recruiting template and give us the basic informations?

I am serious. Right now I am focusing on research intensive areas that are crucial ingame.

What he means is provide your contact info (email, or Skype works) and edit this thread in accordance to the template’s stucture.

The current post you have now feels like a joke to many.

I don’t see the joke, I have a paid position for an artist specializing in water for the UE4 engine. Everything else about my project is irrelevant and would be a distraction to the artist for what I need right now.

I have a question about the project .
I have been making ocean shaders sometimes in my free time and I was wondering what kind of style/look/quality are You going for .
Some examples would help a lot .


Thanks for the response Arendt, I have sent you a PM :slight_smile: