Need API to set inertia manually in Chaos Physics

Hi, I am trying to set inertia manually for some accurate physics simulation.

There isn’t a simple API in Unreal Engine to set inertia tensor like how we can set the mass. For PhysX engine in UE4, I still can directly using PhysX’s “setMassSpaceInertiaTensor” to do this. However, I haven’t figure out how to set the inertia tensor in UE5 with chaos. As I heard PhysX will be deprecated in the formal edition of UE5, this will be an unsolvable problem.

I think it really does not make sense if UE allow developers to change the mass manually, but forbidden them to change the inertia. The angular movement should be as important as linear movement.

I also post a relevant question at here (How to set inertia manually with chaos engine - World Creation - Unreal Engine Forums). I really hope there is a simple API in chaos to do this.

I have added an answer to your original question on AnswerHub. In short, you can use SetMassSpaceInertiaTensor_AssumesLocked.