Need animators and a programmer for a demo

There’s no platform really as I’m in need of presentation demo only. This includes a playable demo.

Note there are no funds. We can contract a payment.

So hey guys. This is the telling of a story of an action adventure slash puzzle game. Following Stony Mcgreggor. The title on hand is Stony’s Adventure to Skull Island. Don’t comment unless you’re interested…

The story is I’m not a professional animator, designer, writer, but I do have a nack for drawing.

I’m not exactly sure how hard it’s going to be to get this game up and running …

It could be that I get no responses from developers, hence I am here. I’m sure this will be the next step if it is so: To gain a working demo in whatever capacity to highlight the most attractive elements of said effort. After gaining some gear in this department maybe then so the funding will have the attention needed.

So on with the informal presentation.

So the story begins with a character Stony (Mcgreggor). -He’s a pirate. Betrayed by one of his crew on an island (storage for goods) Later formally called Skull Island. The crew finds a happened clue that was left on the island and finds a treasure of great proportions. Stony is left on the island dead. But there happens to be a curse on the loot, and it so happens that only Stony is affected.

He awakens to find himself without a dime and introduced to the curse which prods him to continue on the island a nomad and pursuit certain windows, key items etc. To find the special items to bring to A mage perhaps to solve his problems with plenty of resistance layed out for him not to achieve.

Basically from this point he is a skull but has the option to become a fuller sized skeleton for other parts and alternate for puzzles etc.

The island is cursed too by a legendary warrior, coincidentally named Stony aswell. This is why there are fiendish enemies roaming about, whatever.

So I will be posting (links) to files, about 80 pages of illustrations. This includes 100-200 enemies. I believe there is about 80 hours of play as of yet. A great number of the enemies / characters come with catchy themes, script etc. Many jokes. The theme is comical. Taking cues from comedic spy flicks. Etc. And all of them are equipped with a mechanical scheme whether of the main fighting scheme or perhaps their own original scheme of operation. I will be posing a text file at the bottom of this page which isn’t terribly long. It’s in text as I didn’t have the time to illustrate. I can produce about 5 pages a day when I get the spare time. But don’t always have it.

As I do not trust anyone on unreal etc. I’m deleting the illustrations on the pages and in the text file of a mega proportion of game dynamics or platform mechanics, level mechanics etc. For the obvious intention to prevent stealing. So sorry, you can’t get the information to analyze your investment in that regard. As game mechanics are known not to be given to such protection etc.

The theme is comical many times.

What I want is a demo of the game featuring the enemy characters and conversations.

And a demonstration of the moreso orthodox main fighting scheme which isn’t so sensitive to being imitated.

Ok, that’s it. Thanks. And Goodbye.



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