Need Animation/Terrain Designer for Project

Need Animation/Terrain Designer for Project
Hey Guys, We are currently working on a project called AR:O – Arche: Origins. This game is based on the concept of Sword Art Online, people are stuck in a game and to escape they need to beat 100 floors, and if they die in the game they die in real life. Of course, the story and everything else will be completely different, but we always wanted there to be a game where you ACTUALLY have to beat these 100 floors, and with a lot of side missions too. It will be a singleplayer first-person game, maybe we will add multiplayer later it depends. We will post more information about the game and story when we have finished it, so send me a DM if you want to know more and I’ll send you the link for the discord group. This can’t be done by ourself so we are looking for extra help, so if you’re willing to help send me a dm. Needed: programmer, concept artist, environment artist, character/asset modeler Requirements: Show previous work Work consistently and also bring forth new and fun ideas. You will have a lot of freedom when it comes to creative ideas with all the designs you make…
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I can help out.
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Sofia G

Hi, i have over a decade and a half working with Unreal level design in UnrealEd.

I have a basic portfolio of modelling and a simple map i made in 3ds max then imported to UEngine 2.x (recent work had been deleted but on the UE4 projects i have level design outlines on a separate page)

I am learning UE4 as qquickly as possible but have the geometrical and visual FX like lighting and post processing for high-details and vibrance, and lower cost visuals, and would require a 3d modeller to supply in-game objects not related to brush modelling.

Basic screens of old work:…jool-portfolio

On the site, this link:…mopmente4-demo will show some adaptation of the Landscape Mountains using spline paths, foliage (it is interactive with wind and player atm) and sculpting, which should seem primitive, was creating a prototype solo, and deciding to look at offerings for work elsewhere for the time (an agreement to length of time on this project you have, is acceptable.)

plenty of experience with both unreal and Dunia Engine’s terrain Sculpting tools