Need animation starter pack in UE4.7.3 on Linux

Hello UE universe,
This is VR46 from India. I’ve just started with UE4 (v4.7.3) on my laptop running Ubuntu 14.10. My first immediate learning goal is top-down shooter with good environment, texture and animation. For animation, I wanted to use the free animation starter pack. But as per this , the marketplace content is not available for download from UE4 running in Linux. So I’m stuck here and need help.

How should I go about downloading this? Can anyone point me to a git repo where someone has put the starter pack content by any chance?

On second thought, all the Linux UE4 users must be facing this issue. How are they dealing with this?

Thanks for reading and replying and helping.


PS: One option is to download on Windows and copy it to Linux but I don’t have access to any Windows machine.

Well, I found the Animation starter pack myself on github in Tom Looman’s SurvivalGame :slight_smile:
Not only animation, this project has other interesting assets like sound,weapons & lot more…
Sharing the link for other struggling fellows:

And one can follow Tom’s very useful survival game tutorial here: