Need animation help

(4-26) So I’m pretty new when it comes to animations in unreal engine but I have a question I’ve been trying to figure out for a couple days now and I cant seem to get a solid answer.

What method would be best to use if I wanted to create an animation for something that would chase the player in for example a horror game as im confused to how it works.

A great example is this clip here: Poppy Playtime - YouTube

If someone could explain to me how this works I would be incredibly grateful. I simply don’t understand how he has managed to animate it to walk forward, duck as well as keep the ability to collide with the player and then play a jumpscare animation upon doing so.

You would need to create a character or pawn class much like a playable character and assign an animation blueprint to it. You would need to make use of the AI features in unreal like “AIMoveTo” and set up a navmesh so it can have an area that it is allow to walk around in and give it a destination. There are also features available for it to follow or find other characters based on certain variables. It can be a very complicated set up that will take time, because there’s so much the AI system can do. YouTube is gonna be your first good place to start and look into AI for unreal engine and go from there. Blendspaces, Behaviour Trees, AI, State Machines, and animation blueprints are good keywords to start with.

It’s less an animation question than an AI one, and a little bit of an involved process. But I’d recommend looking at this video - it helped me achieve something similar.