Need an FPS Starter Kit/Project Made

Hello everyone! My name is Dan and today I would like to request a project or a “kit”. Before I begin, I would like to state that this is a paid request, meaning, you will get paid for this.

The project I’m requesting is a FPS starter kit or a foundation for a FPS game. It must contain the following:

  • Walk/Sprint/Crouch system
  • ADS (Aim Down Sight) Just need it done for 2 weapons (AK & M4) preferred
  • Ability to Switch Weapons
  • Health & Armour bar: It doesn’t need to be fancy, just need a functioning one
  • Ammo display: Basically showing how many rounds the player has
  • Dynamic crosshair: Crosshair should expand if player is running
  • Recoil for different weapons
  • Different Rate of Fire
  • Simple Objective System: Just two teams, against each other. Basically Team deathmatch
  • Killfeed Should appear on the top right of the screen. It should also fade in and out. Killfeed should highlight if the player got the kill.
  • Mini-map

How much pay can you expect? This depends on the quality. But I’m willing to pay anywhere between $50-$70. Obviously I’m willing to pay more if there are textures or weapon packs in the project.

Have a finished project? Please drop a reply to this post and I will contact you from there.

Wish you the best of luck on this!


I am most certainly interested, send me an email: or add me on discord; Cookie#3917

$50-70? For all that?

ShooterGame from Epic?

Just buy Michael Allar’s Generic Shooter, from the marketplace. It’s the de facto FPS template for Unreal.

Uh, people have no idea how much time consuming is coding. I was interested, in this, until i read price tag. Doing this code took me and my friends several months. We both are programmers, yes we were learning multiplayer code for unreal, and perfecting our code so multiple rewrites/refactoring, it was whole winter of coding for few hours per day. But 50$ for at least month of work (if you have code, it needs some minor rewriting and some testing).