Need an easy way to print out data

Right now I’m trying to figure out the debugging. I set watch on a Rotator to see the 3 values. It doesn’t show up in the debug window when I play. I need to see how they change in real time.
So I struggled to printing out the values to the play screen:

I really need a simpler way.
Please help.

Which template are you on? Mine doesn’t work either on my 2DSideScrollerTemplate, but works fine on a 1st person template. And btw you can look at the output log by going to window -> developer tools -> output log.

Have you got stats showing on the screen or have you got a UMG hud that might be covering it up?

Also a better way to debug this would be through UMG. Would make it easier to read the values and if you wanted to get really fancy you could make a graph of the values by creating an array and adding the points to it

Genius Idea! Have it print out a graph of my temperatures when I generate them :slight_smile:

Yeah shouldn’t be too tough to do. Throw in a horizontal box and then quickest way I can think of is a bunch of border boxes which you tweak the colour and top padding to show the appropriate temperature details and just every second or so once the array is full pop the first value and add a new 1 of the current temperature to the end.

Im sure there is a better way to do that but that seems to be the simplest 1 I can think of for creating a scrolling bar graph. Would love to hear some other ideas though for more accurate 1s.

Another 2 ways. First custom text. Second default toString

The log window is nice though but this wasn’t really the question.
As you see it is much work to output 3 values to the screen.
Do you know if it is possible to output any watch values to that log?

Have not explore UMG much and don’t know how that can help me. Maybe I find out later.

This is cool.
Thanks and great find.

MaeID the ToString was probably the thing I was looking for. Lets hope it is well supported for other variable types.

You can convert most variables to a string and display them with a print string node, it’s just tough to keep track of things and compare them when they are flying off the screen so fast, hence the UMG being a more appropriate way to handle this type of situation since you can keep them in static positions

I will look into the UMG later on. It is probably better to have it displayed in controls I agree.