Need an advice

so i have now a problem.
There is no up to date tutorial about dedicated server connection. If there is one there is ALWAYS something that wont work. No idea why… it just doesn’t work. After 3 Weeks of searching and trying Tutorials that have 20 parts and each has about 20-30min i’m just sick of this.

I want to create a simple Player > Dedicated Server connection and create the whole system behind it.
Weapons, damage etc.

I’m now so ****** that i want to create a normal SOLO game and then somehow convert it to multiplayer because no humain (out of 7bil people) can make a normal tutorial up to date for 4.15.2 how to connect a Player to Server.

All these docs from unrealengine tells you how it works not how to do things.

This guy wrote a little guide updated on December 2016 that might help you How to connect Unreal Engine 4 to local server via WebSocket using blueprints? | by Egor Bogomyakov | Medium

I don’t like C++ because of the fact that i don’t know it. To learn good HTML5 and CSS3 it took me 2-3 years to be able to do anything i want with it. I did even my own library of CSS3.
Learning C++ will force me to basicly use it alot more than only for connection, this is why i want to make it with BluePrints.

Are there some Events, Nodes what i should look at which are responsible for Server connections?

I know that i can set my “Play” as “Dedicated Server”.

If you don’t want to do it on your own in C++ then your best option is buying a ready solution on the marketplace. There are some that let you use blueprints for what you need.

My game is fully playable on the “dedicated server” simulator in editor. Most everything is done with replicated events. Generally speaking if it is in the character you want it to run on server and if it is on the server then you want it to be multicast (super generally speaking). But yeah the whole process is extremely un-enjoyable if you are jumping in head first (which I did). If you aren’t very familiar with blueprint programming at all then it’s better to get at least some months under your belt before doing multiplayer stuff in my opinion.