Need an advice regarding PC adaptation of my game.

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I decided to make a PC adaptation of my game’s demo. Initially I created it for android, so now I had to create a branch and add some settings. I need an advice about resolution settings. I made the game to detect supported resolutions and choose the highest supported one on the first start. Also, I made “recommended” button in the resolution settings that does the same thing. But in addition to this I added a list of several different 4:3, 16:9, and 16:10 resolutions that can be selected without any auto-detection. So, is this a good practice to add some resolutions that user’s monitor may not support? Is it better to create a list of resolutions based only on auto-detected supported ones, or this auto-detection may be somewhat unreliable?

Most games I’ve played have options for all resolutions even if it’s not a resolution that fits your monitor aspect ratio.

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I have a couple of additional questions. Is it possible that monitor switched into unsupported resolution may take some hardware damage? Is it safer to use window mode for each resolution?

It could, but I don’t think you can set a resolution in a game that your monitor doesn’t support, most likely it would force it to a resolution that it does support.
It’s likely only an issue for the game running at fullscreen where I believe the game can only output resolutions that the monitor supports, but I’m not sure how UE4 manages that, it could resize a resolution to fit the display or it could crop it or something like that, not sure.