Need an Advanced Vehicle Rig

Hey! I need a vehicle model converted into usable UE4 advanced rig vehicle. I’m a filmmaker using this in a personal fanfilm type animation project. The vehicle is the Tumbler from the Dark Knight Trilogy. The primary work here is in UE4, mostly setting up the animation blueprint skeletal nodes to work with the rig and model… not just the rigging in Max, Cinema4d, Maya, ect. I’ve actually already done that myself though whoever takes this job may want to alter it to their needs. I need something along the lines of the of this advanced rig, the wishbone system… but different and suited to the Tumbler:

A tutorial is available here.

The Tumbler has exposed suspension in the rear that needs to bounce and move as well as the real axle. The front wheels have two meter long suspension arms attaching the wheels to the main chassis. Both of these arms need to move with the bouncing wheels, and both have armor plating attached to them which need to move and bounce with the arms.

I’ve photoshopped two images of a real Tumbler highlighting the parts the needs to be moving in UE4:

I have a fair bit of experience with 3DS max, and have been using UE4 for months… but I’m still newbish with this side of things, and ultra busy. I can setup a regular UE4 vehicle with the VehicleHandler just fine, but this animation blueprint magic, haha, is beyond me currently. While I would figure this out with some time I’d rather just pay someone who already knows how to do this with ease and wouldn’t mind making a little cash during spare time… meanwhile I use my time more efficiently on other aspects of the project.

I can provide an FBX, Max, OJB, to get things started. As I said, I’ve already rigged the basic model to the best of my understanding… but that isn’t my specialty so you may see things you want to alter. The real work is on the UE4 animation blueprint side of things, setting up all the skeletal nodes.

I’m upped my offer to $250USD

Please PM me if interested!

What type of vehicle is it?

It is the Tumbler from the Dark Knight Trilogy, I’ve updated the OP for more detail. =)


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