Need American football animations - help

I am looking for a few American football animations that will work on the UE4/5 Mannequin and skeleton. I am trying to do some football related taunting videos for a character. Spiking a football, touchdown celebrations, and other regular things like catching a football. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction as I am finding nothing really suitable.


Where are you at on this football project?
I’m attempting an RPG American Football game.
Looking for any projects/assets I might be able to use to save some time.

I am looking for assets.

I’ve only been able to find some soccer animations. only a few of them could possibly be used/edited for use.
Not been able to find anything else of value really.
You could use some dances from mixamo for some celebrations. there’s one or two catches that you could use. also, surely some taunts.

A lot of behavior tree work needed for routes, blocking, covering, plays, etc.