Need advise/help with forward vector manipulation.

Hi everyone!
I’m not sure if this is the correct place to be asking questions but lets give it a try!

In my project I’m using a Physic Handle to carry objects and move stuff with my FPS character.
The problem arose when trying to extend this function to doors as I want to be able to move the handle along two coordinates based on the current forward vector on my character.

As it is now, when grabbing a door the “look around movements” is deactivated and instead the mouse movement translates to move the handle forward/back from the characters forward vector.
(see picture)

However, I’ve been trying to add left/right movement too since forward/back isn’t enough when moving something with hinges but I can’t seem to figure out HOW to do it.
The logic simply boils my brains =S

My thoughts were to have a similar setup as the picture but with Get Right Vector and then somehow combine the two. But so far no luck.
May mention that I’m quite new to UE4 and programming in general.

Wooho, figured it out! =)
For anyone with similar problems here’s what I did:

The main thing was that instead of using the camera to get forward/right vector I choose the player capsule instead since it’s always leveled.
The same script but with the cameras vector gave some odd behavior.