Need advice to choose "plants and trees" software

I need some arguments, which software is the best at all and why. Аnd for which purposes some software will be better than another.
List of softwares:

  1. SpeedTree
  2. Plant Factory
  3. GrowFX
  4. Xfrog
  5. Vue
    If you use another, please write your variant

For games, Speedtree is the best solution since beyond just generating tree models it has advanced features in game engines.

I saw speedtree before but the licensing side of it confused me a bit, would I only need the subscription whilst producing the models then can drop it and continue to use and publish them? Thinking on cost it would be beneficial to save all the foliage until I can set the time to blitz it rather than pay a long term subscription saving the funds for other areas of the game. Is that correct or am I missing something?

The content created with Speedtree can be used forever, when you pay for the subscription it’s just for the tool that allows you to make your own trees. So the options are–buy the tree packs (which aren’t expensive) or build your own from the subscription software (which is a bit cheaper). You can do just the subscription for just the month if you can get everything you need finished in the month.

Not sure I would call $40 per tree “not expensive,” though they do also have the bulk packs, but at any rate they’re worth it. I haven’t tried all the solutions OP mentioned but Speedtree has always worked great for me. Just note that Unity and UE4 speed trees are not compatible (RIP my hundreds of dollars worth of unity speed trees).

It’s super cheap if you consider how much it would cost to pay a 3D artist to make one from scratch.

Looking st the site you also get bonus content so your $20 gets you a few trees. Not sure if that’s always monthly but good value for money. I saw on the video they selected 1 tree then were able to spawn a lot of different ones of the same style round the building but all unique if that is a feature that works for ue4 then I’ll just give them my bank account now lol

if we’re talking about quality and abilities to create life-like trees - growfx is on top of the list.