Need advice: publish for only 4.27 or wait?

Hello I need some advice before I move forward.

I have created a plugin that I intend to sell on the Marketplace.
However, I’ve run into an engine bug that was introduced in 5.0 and still persists in 5.1.1.
The bug is causing big issues with my plugin but I’m not here to discuss the bug itself.
I have made an extensive bug report.

My plugin works fine in 4.27.
Does it make any sense to publish only for 4.27 now when UE5 is officially released?

I imagine there are some benefits to getting noticed right when releasing a new asset on the marketplace, and I would much rather my asset to supports UE5 right away.

I would love to hear some thoughts

Maybe a lot depends on what the plugin is.

If you go for 4 now, the 5 people might have to wait so long they forget about it?

Mind you, going for 4 now, could lead to carrying a lot of people with you to 5…

I wonder if it’s possible to make a judgement call on the difference between 4 and 5 users.

I would suggest creating a workaround if possible. Ideally, you want to maximize your audience from launch. Things get buried very quickly right now unless you are a well known seller. This will probably remain true until we get some better sorting options.

This means you want to support all the most recent versions of the engine. In my view that would be at least 4.27+. If you want to cover absolutely everyone, that would probably be 4.22+.