Need Advice on Game Object

Hey sorry if you seeing this post twice. I think I post this on the wrong forum so I am reposting It here.

I am still finding my way around these topics

Anyway I was wondering, these are the first custom meshes I created with blender and I was wonder what y’all thought of them. Do they look good? Are they unrealtic? Will the player notice what they are?

Keep in mind I do plan on releasing a Environmental asset pack next summer.

this is an indigo flower Forum Post 2 Image two.png this is a papyrus reed.

Just a side note papyrus grows in subtropical and tropical costal and marsh climates. However, this particular plant, which was used in scrolls in ancient Egypt, can be modified to look like any of the reeds with a few color modifications.

Well I imported these items into my game and they came out looking huge. I scaled them to 5.0 because it said that 1.0 was a very small asset and it looked tiny. Also it said “there has been a smoothing error. Please make sure that the smoking option is enabled,”

I am going to take the silence of the community to mean that these assets are good and that the scaling issue is a glitch with UE4.11.0 preview 7. Sometimes silence can be just as powerful as wor

If you want an honest critique—it doesn’t look very good, very basic and it’s not going to work properly in UE4 because you’re using something like a hair tool to create the fuzzy bits and most likely that would convert to geometry which would be way too many polygons. If you want to model something, look for references. It would also help if you looked at some game meshes that other people have done for that type of thing so you can study them and see the proper modeling technique.

It looks a bit different, if you ask me.

thanks. This was the type of advice I was looking for! Thank you again!

Well I took Darthviper’s advice, and I know this isn’t perfect, but this is what I got. What do y’all think?

By the way I could not get that pretty white color with bender.

This is supposed to be a jasmine flower

That’s still not the right way to model that, you need to do some basic modeling tutorials.

Did you have any suggestions? I have the entire week because of Spring Break.

There’s tons of tutorials on youtube, just do a search on the topic you’re interested in. Also check out any Blender forums.

I gave up on blender. I have been trying to learn this program for about a year now. I am going to give Wings3D a shot.

It’s your choice, but Blender is more, what you need.
When you got that far in the UI in one year with blender, than stick with it.
Wings3D is nice, but what you should let rethink that…

Stick with it and make nonorganic stuff first.
Make a building, but start with a window, or with a door.
Opt your im-export workflow with it and then start doing things modular.
Only my 50 cent.

Blender is the best free option available. If you’re in high school or college then you can sign up with Autodesk as a student and get free access to most of their software including Maya and 3ds Max.