Need advice on a FPS puzzle

I’m currently making all the blueprints needed before i even start level designing, so that i have the tools in my hands.
What i have currently are:
-A gun that can be picked up and then allows shooting with left click and picking up objects with right click. (Not sure of to make the bullets stick to the wall, bounce or despawn on hit.)
-Torches which can be turned on by shooting through one that’s on fire to one that’s not on fire.
-Floor buttons that can open doors/elevators/turn on torches etc. Made Boolean’s that i can adjust after placing these, like “stay down after pressed” and “reset after set time”
-Wall buttons with the same functions
-Rotating the sun from a button -> set a true value when at a specific rotation / get a hint from the shadows at a specific rotation.
-Combining everything to make a complicated puzzle

Basically a combination of Zelda, Portal :smiley:
If you have any tips, tricks or videos, i would be very thankful!

> “… all the blueprints needed before i even start level designing…”

I recommend you make some placeholder BSP/boxy levels to test all this stuff… and I’m assuming you are because untested blueprints are not going to do you much good when you actually start using them!

Yeah i’m constantly testing the blueprints as im working with a new one, to see if anything effects other blueprints :slight_smile: Thanks for the headsup though!

Also make sure to put everything into functions, macros,… so that you avoid messy blueprints :slight_smile:

To despawn bullets on hit, go to your projectile object(assuming you are using a object, not a line trace) and wire up a Destroy call with the Target set to Self to the Event Hit node. I assume you know how to add an event hit node?

To make bullets stick, if you are using a Projectile Movement Component, ensure the boolean Bounce(or Bounces, or similar) is unchecked. You will probably want to ensure that your projectiles are set to not collide with other projectiles, else you will have bullets hanging in midair.

To bounce, simply ensure the aforementioned boolean is checked and that you are not destroying the bullet on a hit event.

You can set the Actor Lifetime variable(accessible in the Class Details pane) to control how long the projectile exists before automatically despawning.

Please note that if you are not using a separate blueprint for the projectile, but instead using a line trace, then these tips will not help you.