Need advice - How to sell


The last few months I have been working in a game that I want to sell to some companies.
Meanwhile I was in contact with those companies and we are close to find an agreement.

My target is the following: The company needs to pay for the game but it will be played by the workers.

  1. Is it possible to generate Redeem code and to sell those Redeem code to the company ?
    If not
  2. Is it possible to sell my game directly to the company without using Epic

Thank you for your support guys.


There is no requirement to distribute games through the Epic Games store, you can just package your game and at the very least you could send them the packaged game. If you want to get more fancy there are tools out there for making a custom installer wizard like NSIS.
If you need some restrictions on how they can install it, like how many computers it can be installed on then you’ll have to do some research to find a system for that.