Need advice for implementing collision/foley audio for marble run simulation

Greetings! I am working on an app/simulation which contains a sequence of many marbles rolling down a funnel shape. Here is a real life example of what I am mimicking:

That video says it contains 1200 marbles, in my situation I would have anywhere from 2-300 marbles.

I have never worked with audio in Unreal before, so I’m trying to outline my approach at how to handle this, any advice at a general level would be greatly appreciated. I am making an assumption that if I had each marble playing it’s own audio file a scene with 300 marbles might either take a performance hit or be unpleasant to listen to. If that assumption is correct, what might be a better approach?

Here’s my current battle plan:
-My camera is locked, so as I am not terribly concerned with the audio emitting from the exact position of each marble. I could have the funnel object play audio based on how many marbles it detects are within a collision box around it.
-I record some foley audio tracks of varying amounts of marbles rolling around, such as
–1 marble
–5 marbles
–20 marbles
–50 marbles
–More if needed
-From there I play a mixture of these audio tracks to try and depict the actual amount of marbles that are rolling around the funnel, gradually switching to different tracks of smaller marble counts.
-I would also like to add in some ‘klack!’ sound effects for 2 marbles colliding, but again I don’t know if the engine would handle that well with 300 marbles rolling around.

Am I approaching this from the right direction? Does anyone have some insight on how I might do it better? I’m not looking for exact explicit instructions so much as a broad view approach, thanks for your time =)