Need advice about voxels please

Hi all, let me start by prefacing that I am extremely new to game development so if anything I ask here is extremely dumb sounding I apologise in advance. Now that’s out the way. I am a massive fan of games like Space Engineers, Avorion, Planet Nomads, Empyrion etc, but always feel like that there is something just missing and it never quite satisfies me space building needs haha. So I have decided to set out and make my own game in the style of the above mentioned games. Now I am not an idiot I know that it will be years before I can get to the stage of making a fully fledged game like that, but this is what my current goals are:

  • create a sandbox environment, just a skybox to start with, no planets yet, with a handful of asteroids floating about.
  • just one player with one tool
  • have the player be able to “mine” the asteroids, have the asteroids deform as the player uses the tool on it and have the player gather “resources” from said asteroid
  • give the player a couple of non-functional basic type square blocks that they can place in the environment and make extremely basic constructions with
  • have those blocks to be deformable as well

Now I am assuming (correct me if I am wrong) but this will require the use of voxels to be most effective for the purposes of the type of game I want to create? I don’t know anything about voxels or where to begin. Having done some research online there seems to be a lot of plugins for UE4 like “voxel-farm” etc, but I would like to try and avoid using those if I can. I would like to go through the process myself, and build my own voxel generation (if that is even something that is possible). So that leads me to this post. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

I hope someone answers this question as I have similar goals. Space engineers vrage engine cant even make water. Eu4 and unity can do that ootb.

The best literature about voxels and other game dev subjects you can find in GPU Gems from NVidia. Several gurus have articles on those books which are trully gems! You can access them at:
There are 3 books and there is somewhere in Github someone which has posted the companion CDs for those books.

I strongly recommend the reading of all three, its time consuming but they are GPU and engine independent, so it is a kind of knowledge you can apply everywhere!