Need advice about creating content.

I know the question “blender vs Maya” has been asked multiple times, but that’s not what I’m asking. I already have a little experience with both of them but now I’m planning to dig deeper. Regarding content creation for ue4 should I go with Maya+mudbox or blender+sculptris or blender+mudbox? I’m talking about everything from modeling to adding detail to baking normal maps to rigging and animating etc…
Blender is obviously free as is sculptris, but if using Maya and mudbox would make things simpler and produce better quality I wouldn’t mind paying 60$ per month for Maya LT + Mudbox.
So, what do you think ?

If you don’t mind paying for Maya, then there’s your answer :slight_smile: Epic is using Maya internally, so Maya support will probably be always top priority. You also get the rig/animation tool for Maya that you don’t get with Blender.

The benefits of using maya is the rigging tool from epic games, but you wont see any quality difference between modelling in maya and blender -> so when you have the money, use maya, otherwise blender :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answers :smiley:
I thought the animation tools don’t work with Maya LT because of python support?

Start with what has FBX and go from there.

Tones of options as to apps but does you no good if you can’t move whats here to over there.

The cool thing about FBX is content creation is not about what to use anymore but what is needed and with a FBX enabled application you can drop it in or remove it from the pipeline with zero impact as to application dependencies.

I would say that it’s really up to you. Since an output is FBX file, it doesn’t matter which 3d software you’re going to use. Personally I use 3ds Max for content creation and I don’t have any problems. There are of course some workflows that can be done faster with Maya (animation). I think you should focus more on game content in general. And remember… there will be always people saying Maya/Blender/3ds Max/other is better :slight_smile: