Need additional post processing. Please Add this.

Hey I think Devs need to add a section where we can add additional post processing to the game with out it making it non stack-able. I thought it would be okay but I am realizing that only sections that say additional, such as additional engrams, additional structures, ect… are where we can add additional things and still have our mod stack-able. However, when I create a new buff with a post processing effect I have to add it to the buff section in primal game data but I have had reports from players saying that the mod is not stacking with other mods. Therefore, my only conclusion is that it is considered changing the core data since it is not additional. I think being able to add post processing effects should be something that we can have in making mods but should still be stack-able and the same time. Could you guys please change this in one of your updates?

BUMP! Shouldn’t be this hard to add those post processing effects on item equipped. I have been trying to find a work around to update just the players camera with the post processing effect, to no avail, as I am really new to modding and UE4. Add this feature, or at least a blueprint that would let us easily update post processing effects to just the players camera from a modded item.