Need ability to buy multiple seats from one account

I went to register for the new $19/m license today after talking with Epic on the show floor. I was looking to immediately purchase 8 seats, however, the system is setup to only allow one subscription per account, which is very, very cumbersome and time-consuming since I will have to login to each account and enter the same card information for everyone.

Can you not create a master account for your team and have them all use the same account?

Talking with the Epic guys at their both, you need to pay $19 for each developer/seat. I created an account, which would be the master account, and there is no option to add more seats.


We would like to keep this question somewhere that it can be tracked. Could you please post this on the AnswerHub at That would make getting you an official answer easier for us.

Thank you!


Would like to know this as well as I need to buy a sub. for one of my team members :slight_smile:

Epic is working on support for team account management, but this is months away from coming online. Can you create separate accounts for now? I’m sorry for the painful process!