Need: A very small island or block of land to test mods out on

The only land mods I see in the “Ark” downloads are full mods or worlds-in-progress. Is there an itsy-bitsy map with things I can try out different things on without the huge mod download?

I have a template map mod I’ve been working on. Most basic Ark functionality is present.
Size is 270mb zipped.

There is also a complete up to date template on my mapping guide

Okay, I see that I used the wrong verbiage in my original post. When I want to test something in the Ark Dev Kit, the test area only has a few polygons and ramps. I need to be able to specifically target objects and see if my mod works before cooking it…which only takes 12 minutes or so on my new system (Yay me!!) , but, I’d know a LOT sooner if I had a playable test-map inside the Mod Tool. I tried to load the “small island” and, well… the shaders were going to take …a while. I really just need a “postage stamp” of land mass and a few rocks and trees.
@Nanobot: I did download your mod, but, as you can see by my posts, I’m a complete mNoErWoBn. :smiley: No worries…just looking for a test-map in the mod to test it out…or, if that’s exactly what you handed me, let me know and I’ll spend some time trying to figure out how to get it in there. Copying the exctraced files to where I thought they should be didn’t work.

I can make you a very small test map with some foliage and stuff

That would be AWESOME uzumi!! Then I wont have to load the full game and bounce back and forth between the Dev kit and game… Rocks and trees are my focus…foliage is…well… something dino’s can step over…just trying to make a path-clearing weapon…

Here you go MOE a small 3x3 landscape divided into a 4 grid, light forest, Dense forest, Dense forest with small foliage (rocks and bushes etc) and the last one is only the small foliage (rocks, bushes etc)

Just copy the content into your ARKDevKit\Projects\ShooterGame\Content\Mods folder and start up “Template.umap” then go to Windows top left and select “Levels” Load each one then go to file and save-all (this should keep them all loaded at all times. Let me know if there is something else you would like on the template

Uzumi18, that is exactly what I was looking for!!! Yes, thank you very, very much!!

Oh… and the brief instructions on where to place the files and load them…very generous of you to supply that as well.

No problem man :slight_smile: Anything for the community

I found this thread, and I realize it’s 2 years later, but I still want to say thanks, since this is helping me enormously in my own mod development. Thanks!

I realize it is 2 years old by now but which file would I load in the editor I have tried the Template.umap file but it just shows a few rocks in a square and will not play in the editor.