Need a tutorial or this explained!! A.S.A.P!

Hi guys

Kinda annoyed with UE4 and the help desk. I reported a problem which needs to be resolved and they still haven’t got back to me when I sent the request.

I am a long time user of the engine and paid for it I might add at this point.

Loading one map to another, with either a menu GUI and a blue print or a box trigger instead of a GUI.

I need an example or tutorial some where showing this. I am getting the same problems ‘everyone’ else trying to do this. I am using the OpenLevel function. How is everyone else making games for this engine, I must be missing a key fundamental part of this open level linking!

With the openlevel function, UE4 crashes when its launched. But works fine in the editor play testing.

If someone would kindly show me and others reading this topic how to do this, so I can actually finish my game and link all the levels together. I would be really appreciative!

put the level name you want to change to in the box and tie it to an event, should be all you need to do. 06dce621223258602c9c1b3fe2c30034ff02668e.png

in your project settings (click project & editor settings tab above viewport) under maps & modes, do you have your default maps set, for startup for editor especially?

probably defaults to nothing if you deleted default map when you created & named your own, if you haven’t set it to the one you created. this could be a possible solution to your problem.


Perfect this is exactly what I needed to know! My problem is now resolved and is working now, thanks a lot! :slight_smile: