Need a team to make game. All welcome.

Hi everyone, my name is Ellis. I’ve been learning to level design, using blueprint and create textures. I choosed UE4 because this engine look gorgeuos and have many more amazing features. I’ve always wanted to create my own, and I’ve tried lots of game engine before such as Unity, Game Maker, RPG maker and many more. I have some experience in graphic designing, 3d modeling, video editing and making video game before.
Here is some infomation about the game:

Project name: Since

About the project:

  • Gernes: Horror - Puzzle - FirstPerson
  • Story: will be discuss on skype

Team name: FireLiquidStudio

Looking for:
3D modeler (one or more)

  • Working with any kind of 3d modeling software
  • Experience with UE4
  • Expected to create props, items and enviroment.

Enviroment artist

  • Level design
  • Experience in UE4 level design, lighting, etc…
    I need some one to make particle effect too, this is important and i dont know how to create one.


Contact me:

Have a good day :smiley:
And sorry if anything wrong with my English!

I need help guys! Anyone?

Tomorrow i will send you a message or reply to the thread again, i feel bad at the moment but i can help you :’) see you tomorrow, have a good night!

I added you on skype! (Accept pls :D)

Yeah, me too :B accept us (?

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Hi, i didn’t see any of you on skype yet :frowning:
Can you guys give me your skype name please.
Or send me an email tell me a bit about your self, for example:
What i can do:
Other contact:

Thank you all! :slight_smile:
Look forward to see your email

Please consider this striving GD

I would really like to work with you! I have some experience in UE4 (BP) I have been working with UE4 alot and I can create some things in blueprint also, blender, adobe illustrator, photoshop, fruity loops, animator(formerly flash pro) now I must say that the experience in these programs is self taught and I’m no professional by any means but I would love the chance to work with someone and make a game!
Blue_Guy.gif BandagedRock.png
Road.jpg Player.png
fire-gif.gif fire3.gif
Gameover Screen.jpg Grave Stone.png

We’re going to close this topic on Monday :smiley:
And stil need some modelers for our game, glad if anyone can help.
Contact me via Skype:
Thank you.

Thank you guys for your attention on my Project :smiley:
I closed this topic for now. No more hiring!
Thanks again

I can do 3d modeling if you still need more people :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, im here again looking for modeler :slight_smile:
If anyone wants to help, please contact me via Skype: FireLiquid.Studio
And if you have any pictures of your work recently, please send them to me
Preciate it. Have a good day guys

p/s: our modeler using Maya

Hello guys, i’m here once again looking for members would like to join me to make a video game.
I would love to work with you guys :smiley: add me on skype (FireLiquid.Studio) and we will talk about the game.

Cheer, have a good day guys