Need a team in London for a brand new Triple A title

I have an idea for a game, i will be pitching my idea to the public to raise funds so i am going to be completely honest with you, i have be working on gameplay ideas and characters, story and design for a little over a year now. With your skillset and my vision i can certainly guarantee its going to be a game worthwhile, so If you are a very skilled in networking, programming, character modelling, concept artist or master in all departments of game creation then join my studio have a chat with me, discuss payments and availability. My goal is making a cinematic trailer for the world and show them the potential of the game and this i would need your help with. Looking forward to chat or meet with you in person my whatsapp is +447956864302 position open for 4 people.

I’m going to be a little blunt here, but if you can barely articulate a sentence in your job posting, why should I assume that you have a legible plan for the game / business?

Like i said i am going to be completely honest never done this before, been working on my game idea for over a year now and i am very much new to this, the game is a crowd funded project and am looking for interested parties in London (preferably) looking to meetup have a chat and hear their input and ideas then create a little trailer and sit back and wait to see what figures comes up in the next 30 days and if people love the idea (not being cocky but i do think people will like it because its not a bad idea for a game) then officially start the project. I have been gaming for about 15 years now and i don’t have a category i play all kinds of video games and i have combined all of my experience and youtube and reddit reviews ideas to a single game. If there’s something am missing then please feel free to add your input.

If you have no experience then how can you guarantee anything?

You need to read the sticky about posting for help on a project on here. Also, you need to develop production skills in one of 3 area’s. Design, Art, or Programming. You have zero chance of raising capitol without both a clear design and proof or production capability, normally based on past performance.

Is this a first person shooter?

You can’t just declare your game AAA. Like others have said your post doesn’t encourage confidence in you, or your project.

There’s even a template you could have directly copied. It’d be better than this mess.

Also, don’t blabber on about your grand idea but not tell us what it is. Ideas are everywhere. I have approximately 1,000,000 ideas that I couldn’t fully develop if I were immortal, so I don’t need another one on the pile. If your game idea is so great and people will back it with no question, raising enough money for it to be AAA proper in less than a month - or whatever your delusion is- then surely telling us the idea would go quite a way towards piquing our interest.

Now, if you’ve got the money to pay people- and are indeed serious about the level of funding you’ve got:

  1. Hire a writer/PR/Community manager.
  2. Tell us so.

third person, multiplayer adventure contact me if you’re in London

if there is anything I know more than my own name is a good video game as far as guarantees goes I can guarantee its a good game made for all 3 platforms, if I had no confidence in myself then I might as well just stick to my day job.

Everyone has good ideas :slight_smile: but seriously, idea is nothing in game industry if you at least not shipped 1 brilliant worldwide title…
Nobody with AAA expecience will work for free… + i guess nobody with indie skills…

I have ±19 years of everyday gaming experience, hundreds of ideas but im realist, nobody want to work on ideas for free… so i sacrificed my time and spent lot of hours with learning blueprint programming (+2 months c++ basics) and now after 1 year i have created simple almost fully working prototype with placeholder graphics… now i can ask someone for royalty work but its still not enough…

If you want to make your deam game, you definitely must start working on it seriously and do somerhing like programming prototype, models of art… or another way is to make huge game design document but there is no guarantee that someone steal your idea…

You know, people who have confidence in themselves and their ideas usually gather at least some amount of money to backup their claims. That shows people you are serious about this and that you are actually risking something.

If you have +19 gaming experience, I will guess you are over 20 years old, which means you can raise some funds.

yeah 25 years old and my intention is getting people who have even the slightest bit of interest to hang out with and plan this game with, I am not looking for people who wants to work for free or who wants royalty just people in London looking to take a leap of faith.

I am gathering money to make this game a reality it is a long journey 2-3 years perhaps but you gotta start from somewhere and I figured I find people who wants to join heads and plan the future. my idea is has been patented for £250 so I do hope someone steals it when it releases to the public :slight_smile:

Afaik ideas cannot be patented… rofl.

Im 99% sure that what they are doing is more along the lines of patenting the the product idea, but not the idea itself. An idea has no physical realization and cannot be patented, on the other hand a product idea, or concept for a product can be patented. Not to mention this company does not patent anything, they only provide the services and information needed for you to patent the idea.