Need a Talented VFX Artist for Mobile Game

Hello Everyone,

I need a couple of Visual Effects done for a Mobile Game. Shouldn’t Take more than a Couple of Hours to Complete. Should be Cheap in Terms of Performance since it’s for a Mobile Game.

I will pay via PayPal. I can look into other methods as well.

Get in Touch at the Earliest. As the Requirement is immediate.

Link your Previous Work as well when you Apply.

I am looking for a balance between Quality & Cost. So, please don’t ask for thousands of $$$.

Thank You.

I can help you with your VFX! I have a lot of experience working on mobile game VFX and I’ve won awards for my VFX work!

You can check out some of my work here: Effects — Voracious Games and at

Please email me at if interested. :slight_smile:

I need some Particle Effects / VFX / Visual Effects.

Explosions / Muzzle Flashes / Fire / Smoke, etc.

Please get in touch if you are able to do them. In UE4.