Need a Speedy Motor Boat asset for Unreal Project


Need a speedy “Motor Boat” asset for an Unreal project.
Speedy Boat or even a Jet Ski will work.

NOTE: it’s “Steering Wheel/Handle” should be moveable.

Now different models are available on internet, but they are not for unreal.

Question is: where can i find the asset for unreal?
Free or paid, doesn’t matter, i just need the right asset for my project.

An asset like this one:

Thank you !

Hi Ahsan,

This would be best served on the Marketplace Forums as a request. You can set the tag to [Request] when you create the thread.

Thank You :slight_smile:

ahsan have you find any workable boat? i have also searched months but no marketplace any

Heh I am to, i cant find any free ones for this project I am doing…