Need a solution for the "new machine" use case

There’s a lot of good content on the marketplace. I’ve purchased, perhaps, 1% of it.
How do I find all the content I’ve purchased, on a new machine, and download it?
Right now, it’s a nightmare of manual trial and error.
In the best of worlds, a “download all purchased content” in the Vault would be there.
In the second best of worlds, I’d be able to filter the marketplace by “have purchased” items so I can separately click on each item to download it.

Follow this link:

This is currently only on the web portal store and not the launcher. I suspect it is being integrated with the launcher.

That shows me the thing that I have purchased.
But then I have to click each one separately, and download them using the browser.
Let’s hope they get it into the integrated store/download soonish :slight_smile:
Thanks for the link.