Need A residential archviz project done / paid

Rendering Exterior and Interior for the Canary House about 2400 sq. ft. . Please contact me to send you an attached complete set of drawing and send me your proposal for Rendering.

Do you have more infos on the project? Stills, movies, app, vr?

As Heartless says, I assume you want it rendered in UE4? We’ve got the experience to make what you want, regardless, but it certainly is nice to know as much about the project as possible as far as the tech goals.

In my lasts office(very busy arch vis)and every other office I worked in,?the client sends the drawings, which we examine them and return a quote. Your not going to get anything else. If you think otherwise don’t do Archvis. That’s how it typically works. Sometimes if your lucky a 3D model is hidden somewhere in all the drawings(this is way more common nowadays). The model is usually incomplete and useless but sometimes a good reference. Either way glad I’m not doing vis anymore but good luck as it sounds like a nice project.