Need a quote for C++ or Blueprint programmer for 2D Time management Shipping simulator game

Hi, I would like to request a quote (fixed or hourly rate, either is fine) for someone who can do programming in unreal. Preferrably C++ but Blueprint is okay if you know what your doing and if you think blueprint will be fine for this, however i prefer C++ as its faster. Although the mechanics are pretty simple, simple enough to do all in blueprint.

Anyways, about the game. It’s a 2D top down Shipping management game where you are the owner of a business responsible for getting people and cargo across all corners of the world. You can buy vehicles from any of the 4 categories: Planes, Boats, Cars/trucks and Trains. All vehicles have cargo weight limits and fuel ranges that are equivilent to their real life counter parts to make the game more realistic. You as the player are responsible for loading vehicles with cargo without overloading the weight limit, but you can overload vehicles if you want but it will have a higher chance of breaking something. All vehicles need to be maintained, you can have a worker perform a maintenance check and find any problems with your vehicles and then either fix them or leave them. There will also be an XP system that allows you to unlock other better vehicles and some rare historic vehicles as well. This game is based on Pocket planes and pocket trains, some of my favorite time management games.

The game should be rather simple to make in terms of gameplay. The player will not be able to drive vehicles or steer anything, it will mainly consist of 4 or 5 menus and text with graphics for the planes and map and other things. Kind of like Pocket planes and Pocket trains, which I will attach pictures of below:

Pocket Planes map screen. There will be a larger slightly more detailed map but the concept remains the same, you can track your vehicles movements from the map.



As you can see the game is a bit cartoony, I am going for a more realistic approach in terms of graphics not having any cartoony proportions. I am having someone make a few graphics for each category to gety a prototype working.

I plan on getting a prototype done and then applying for an unreal dev grant and/or doing a kickstarter.

Like i said this is still in pre-production and I would appreciate just a quote to see how much it would cost for a prototype, like i said its fairly simple gameplay wise, just some screens and text, the most time consuming part will probably getting the systems running but even those are simple for someone who knows what they’re doing.

You can contact me by PM or by email @:

Thank you

Chay Hawk

I thought Epic ended their Dev Grant stuff.

Hmm, I was not aware of this. We’ll i’m sure I could still manage it by myself. It will take a little longer, but I can do it.

Bump, Still looking for offers.

Bump, Still looking for offers.