Need a pointer loading Instanced Static Meshes From Already Created BP

I started messing around putting a city together, and I started experimenting with some instanced static meshes. However, I’ve created them all and set their transforms at the component level.

So basically, I’ve been manually adding instanced static mesh components and setting them in the correct locations in the blueprint viewport mostly. This has been amazing for performance, but I’m getting massive hiccups while it loads all the ISMs. Once they’re loaded things start to smooth out a lot, but since I didn’t set this up on the event graph, I don’t have a way to control any loading, or any type of loading screens, because the BP has nearly 2,000 different types of ISMs in it now.

So here’s the workflow I did… (Foolishly maybe?)

Created new BP.
Add Component > Instanced Static Mesh
Set the mesh and material, and clicked the “+” to create new instances…
Set transforms for each ISM.
Repeated for each ISM I have in the level. (I used the same BP for all my meshes)

However, now when I start the game, it’s stuttering like crazy loading all my instances at once with no control… Runs like a dream after the stuttering is gone… But takes a while for it to all load in.

Any clue how to transfer all my meshes and transforms into the event graph to control loading all of these? I could then use that to transfer it into a loading screen I would assume. But the way it’s all added currently, I’m not sure if it’s possible?

Please don’t tell me I have to start over… :frowning:

Edit:… Stat FPS showing 150+ FPS with an average of 6.3 ms, yet I’m getting micro stutters? I feel like it’s because it’s still loading. I’m going to do more tests.