Need a new PC, also would ask for a benchmark test [5820k, those who have it]

Hey. So, basically I’m currently sitting at a i5 4460, and R9 280… I know the CPU isn’t good enough, 4 Cores without HT, and I can’t overclock. so I was thinking If I’d upgrade to 5820k, or 4790k, which would benefit me the most? I am not a skilled developer or such, but I like and enjoy being an artist, environment, art etc. Building maps take long and gets really laggy. I would like to make bigger and better maps, and also start developing my own game and release it sometime in like a year or such. So, I am really interested and will look into this more. 4790K has 4 cores but 8 with HT, 5820K 6 BUT 12 with HT. I assume this will work things out really easy. I am at the same time looking to get 16GB ram, either DDR3 if I go with 4790k, or DDR4 for 5820k.

Thanks in advance. Also, I’d like to know if one of you with a5820k and 4790k could test this unreal benchmark for me and tell me your results:

The 5820 has more cores but they are at a lower clock, so multi-threaded applications will work faster there while single-threaded applications will work faster with the 4790. I would say, get the 5820k with one of the newer x99 motherboards, and you will be able to upgrade the CPU later if you wish to Broadwell-E