Need a name for game development company

Hello everyone
I need help with getting a name for my game company, it is really hard to make up one.
My company right now is working on a really big horror project, so the name should sound serious, we are all professionals, above the indie level.
We are not going to develop ONLY horror games, a future project of ours is a first person shooter game, set in present days.
The horror game is also first person, high quallity graphics (For graphics reference: Outlast 2).
I really need some help with getting a name, the name is the selling point to a company, so it should be a good one.

Best Regards,

Try using a band name generator if you literally have 0 ideas.

Well yes but that would mean just a name, and not a name that suits us and a name that would be a selling point.

Band name generators can be used as a tool to come up with ideas, there’s dozens of brain storming methods, and for creative blocks like this, it’s often best to throw a hundred names at the wall and see what sticks, which a tool like that can absolutely assist with.

A company name is not a selling point. There’s plenty of companies with dumb names that are hugely successful.

It really is a selling point. And is a really important one. I have been into this business long enough to know this. I bet you cant tell me a company with a stupid name that you can call successful

I don’t want to be a party pooper but saying you are very serious the proceed to trust strangers on the internet to name your company seems kind of contradictory.

On topic - call your company ButtBlaster 9000.

You got me wrong.
I want a guide, not a ready name. And actually there is nothing wrong with asking people to brainstorm together

So… Rectal Ravagers 9900? :smiley:

It’s called discussion and brainstorming.
That’s why i don’t really like forums. People don’t get straight on the topic, and are not really serious about it.

It’s because your demanding help from strangers, and dismissing actual help because it’s not what you want to hear. This thread is really over something very subjective and in the end, doesn’t matter.

Go out and ask 10 people who play games if they can name the developer of their 3 favourite games. I bet a lot of them will give you the wrong names or the name of the publisher and not the developer. The title of the game is a lot more important than the developer name.

I am bad at naming things myself so I got no good suggestions for you.

Easiest way: take the name of your town, street, area, gang, hero, or some stuff like that, and add studios / soft / vision / games / productions / design / entertainment / …

Crystal studios
Crystal entertainment productions

Horror Games Game Studio
Too basic?

Go out for a walk! It helped me a lot.
Maybe you will feel it, when the right name comes to your mind :D.

This Game Studio.
For Software
JazzStar games


Seriously, you can name it whatever in whatever language as long as it’s not copyrighted.

EDIT: This Game Studio is already taken. Sorry.

Stupid names:

Ubisoft → what does it even mean!?
id software → ahhh what?
Blizzard Entertainment → how entertaining can a blizzard be!?
Mad Dog → sure, whatever.
Angry Penguin Studios → now that is a great name!

point is, if you need it to be fitting and all that jazz, you need to come up with something. There is nothing i, or, anyone else can magically come up with that makes a good name to you. How about you give a few weeks stab at it, and then, if you havent come up with anything, give up.

I’m going to number by statements / questions in the order they are received …

  1. Yes, naming a company is hard work. Honestly, easiest part of having a company.
  2. “My Company” ? What company, it has no name, there for, is not a company. You got an EIN? No? Your company is not real.
  3. Your goal is to produce more then just 1 type. You have no idea if your “company” will bankrupt before first release. Plus, whats this got to do with the company name?
  4. Same as #3
  5. The name is 100% NOT the selling point of anything you produce. Your reputation and quality of service is. Your ability is a selling point.

I suggest you keep going with a name that is fitting to you, since, no one knows you here, it would be impossible for us to come up with anything “fitting” to you and your company idea.

Function Games (hehe,get it?)

Apple is successfull company, you can name your company for example “Banana” :smiley:
I have nice name (secret - secret isnt name, i just dont want to say that because i found it may be unique name, i googled companies with that name and noone exist as far as i found through google)) for my game company (not exist yet) but i hope one day i can make it

Try hard inc :stuck_out_tongue:

try thing about your pets name, or something you like