Need a multiplayer game checklist, start to finish. :)

So I’m trying my luck at building an open world multiplayer game, I have some fantastic ideas for this game and I do not mind learning everything needed to be successful. Animations, terrain and textures, networking, blueprints etc… I am dedicated and determined, but I am lacking the experience and know-how to even begin (From the correct point I guess). Every time I think to implement one of my ideas I am faced with lacking of something else, for an easy example, if I wanted to create a new animation I first need the skeletal mesh (just an easy example)… So I’m looking for help from anyone in creating a streamline checklist or guide for building the game from the ground up, in the most efficient order possible. IE: step one, build terrain. Step 2, Build architecture. Step 3, etc… I have looked online (And on the forums) and I havn’t found much help (Sorry if it’s here and I missed it). Any helpful links, or posts are MUCH appreciated, once again I plan on building an open world multiplayer game.

Don’t want to discourage you, but getting into game development by starting with open world multiplayer game is really not a good idea.

I think what would help you with learning and also with actually giving you idea how much work certain things are, would be if you would first try to make a clone of the simpler games from the marketplace - Tappy Chicken, Black Jack, Memory Game.
Start blank projects and do the best copy you can. If you are stuck, you have a great reference point checking those project from Epic.

When you are done with those, I’m sure you will learn a lot and will have a much better idea if you want to jump right into open world MP game or try something less complicated.

Actually, you can. Is just that you probably won’t finish it.

For that, I think you should, at first, take a look at the Blueprint Network tutorials on youtube to get an understanding of how the engine works with multiplayer. Things will probably start to tick from there.

Of course you can, but it doesn’t mean you should :slight_smile:

I’m sure that all the forum on game development would say more or less the same thing : “As a beginner starting on a MMOG is plainly stupid.” And I quite agree with them ^^

As dedicated and determined you can be, you don’t learn how to do a triple inverted spin before knowing how to walk. You have to take some step before. Try to make a pong, finish it, publish it here, and then and only then, we’ll talk again about making a snake :slight_smile:

As said by doC making a clone is always a good idea. Or there is some simple task you could try :

  • Make a game where you start at point A and go to point B. When you reach the game quit.
  • Make a game where you start at point A and go to point B, you have to push a button to open a door. When you reach the game quit.
  • Make a game where you start at point A and go to point B to point C. When you reach the point B, you gain xp. If you want to go to the C zone, you have to have a certain number of xp.
  • Etc…

And while doing those things you will learn how to make your own checklist, and realize bit, by bits, the checklist of your MMOG.

edit :

Well, you can do pretty much anything, as long it doesn’t contradict to the law of physics or the law of humanity. And I believe it cover a whole lot of things :smiley: