Need a modder to help me doing a mod

Okay, so in my servers of Ark i want a market that people will be able to:

-earn points by min
-exchange to player (give points, trade dinos,bps,etc for points) (trading can be people to people exchanging things but a command to send point)
-let them do missions to earn points
-a store showing dinos/bps/lootbox/etc for sale
-store page that buy you some of the things admin would decide (can change every week the earning/things to sell)
-store page with kits (free first kit but pay for more)
-maybe with a little lottery thing that u can double an amount of point

Hey JeffDeez,

I absolutely love your idea. I’ve personally always loved adding markets and slowly amassing far too much wealth through creative game mechanics. Your idea is certainly something I’ve never seen on any ark mods so I truly hope you find your super smart mod person.

Feel free to update if you end up getting it started, I’d love to try it out myself!

Hey, you still need a modder ? Maybe I can help.

SHAREit MX Player

My guy asked this a year ago idk if I’d have my hopes up

I need help editing a mods source code for ark, would you be willing to guide me through it sometime?