Need a MinGW wizard to help compile PS Move API for 64 bit

I’m very close to having something working for the PS Move plugin I’m working on, but I’ve hit a minor roadblock in that the binaries provided by the PS Move API are all 32bit for Windows, and I’m no good at using MinGW or any of that tool chain.

For now I’m going to test on a 32bit build of the engine, but that’s far from ideal.

If there’s anyone out there that has a good grasp of the toolchain for MinGW and would be willing to compile a Windows 64 bit version of this PS Move API ( library (github here: GitHub - thp/psmoveapi: PS Move Controller Low-Level API), that would be awesome, and help out this little project a ton, since at some point a 64bit version will be needed.

Edit: I was able to get it to build! Yay! I had to hack the redefined clock_gettime to use a different name from the MinGW included version. Tracking library has not been successfully built, CMake not finding the OpenCV files.

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Could you help me out with the same thing, I’ve spent a few hours trying to get it to build on windows with no success yet, care to detail the steps or create a github clone with the changes necessary to make it build on windows?