Need a little help with a thing.

I am needing to migrate an exterior scene from 3DS Max to UE4. Most of it is straight forward and have done it before. However, I need to take the landscape (topology) mesh and turn it into a UE4 landscape. I want to be able to use ue4 landscape and brushify foliage on it to bring it to life.

So, if anyone know how to do that and is interested in helping me get that done, please let me know. I am not asking for it to be done for free, so let me know what your charge would be.

Thanks so much!


Have you tried using Datasmith

Hi Kurtgtr,

I’m sure I can assist you in transporting your Landscape Mesh into Unreal Engine’s landscape editor. If you still need help with it, drop me a line on Discord: Username: DyotoOrion#1090.

Cheers! :slight_smile: