need a little help getting values to register in UMG

I used this and it works fine but i cant seem to get UMG to register the values right. i can get the xp bar to start off empty but i cant get it to reset after max xp for that level was reached. i know the system is working since i got it set up to register when you reach a new level with a event tick in place to give 35xp every 2 secs and when you reach a level to print “you have reach level” 1 or 2 ect depending which level your at

heres a screen shot of where im stuck. they use a dynamic material for the tut but i was trying to convert it to work with UMG but no matter what i plug into it i cant seem to get the bar to reset.

anyone done this yet or have any ideas i can try to fix this?

updating my post here i got the text to register the xp gain and amount needed to next level but the progress bar wont up date back to being empty after its been filled

Hi invayne,

Have a look at our quickstart guide, it may be of some assistance here:

that dont help here since the issue is that instead of a simple xp system this has a math curve to allow for xp to grow as you level not stay the same
other wise id be all set thanks though . :slight_smile:

ok so i have gotten it to reset but now im stuck in - numbers after the reset -_-
and its also auto filling when you gain any xp

err scratch the bar filling all the way fixed that by switching the whole system to floats and adding a 0-1 covert which fixed the bar filling all the way but sitll getting -numbers which i cant seem to figure out how to get rid of

lol errm yeah just fixed the whole thing can be marked resolved sorry for bothering anyone

Hi invayne,

I’m happy to hear that you were able to resolve your xp bar system. I will mark this as answered for tracking purposes.