Need a little guidance

Hey everyone,

so I’ve tried searching for an approach similar to the effect I’m trying to accomplish but haven’t found any luck. Basically, I want to be able to have the player (in a first person view, btw) look “through” an object. For example, if a character looks through a keyhole. My initial idea was to setup a camera on the areas that have keyholes/peepholes and pull the camera up via UMG, but the camera’s seem to be draining my FPS for some reason. Anyone have an idea of what the best approach would be to something like this? I’m not looking for someone to code the whole thing or anything like that, just someone to point me in the right direction.

Thank you!

Could you render it out of UE4 then play it as a video? That could save your FPS? Seems slightly strange that it drops though.

not an expert on camera, just a thought: how many camera actors have you in your level ? and are they all active ?

I usually have only one camera (or one/per player) only saw multi-camera use in the learning blueprint example scene. So just assume that if you have too many active camera active at the same time catching the action all around your level it can effectively have an impact on your FPS (try to activate your camera actors only when you need them.

Hey guys. Sorry for the late reply (didn’t realize I don’t have notifications enabled).

Sorry, my first question was a bit vague. Essentially what I’m looking to do is have the player look through a peephole and see what’s happening on the other side, therefore a pre-rendered video wouldn’t work as it needs to be in realtime.

My first instinct was to have the Camera actor acting as the “gateway” or the “peephole” to the other side of the door, and when the peephole is used, it pulls the camera view up to the player view.

Take the Hitman games as an example, as they feature a similar function in which the player looks through a keyhole to see what’s going on. Or, any game in which a scope function is used. Picture example included.

It would be easiest to just blend to a new camera I think…

If you dont deactivate the player camera while looking, is renders two cameras simultaneously. So if you create a keyhole blueprint with a camera (untick auto activate so it doesnt render automatically).
Activate the new one

and deactivate the character camera. Then you should get the new camera without using extra performance.

Ah, thank you! I’ll be giving it a try later today. Thanks for all the feedback and ideas, everyone.