Need a little bit of help with Networking bUseControllerRotationYaw

Hi guys i’m making a game 3 player shooter multiplayer with some cover mechanics behind a wall but i have a little problem:

I would like to achieve that if i’m in cover behind a wall the variable bUseControllerYawRotation should be set to true so i would be able to look around without rotating the pawn.

If i’m the server everything work fine: i’m behind a wall i can rotate camera around and if i press to move (left or right) i’m moving in correct direction following the wall.

Ifi’m the client i can rotate the camera around him but if i press to move left or right it rotate the pawn and then move in wrong direction ( it move left/right based on camera view and that shouldnt happen) how can i fix this ? anyone can help me or give some hints ?

If you need further information ask me… i can even post code if needed

UPDATE: i’ve gone ahead with my work and that what i’ve got: the server is fine. the client is fine in behavior but not in animations:

if he is covering i can rotate camera to look around me but it will set the actor rotation too but if i press A or D to move left/right it will move parallel to the wall as intended.

How can i fix the animations problem tho ? any idea ?